What is the best vibrator on the market

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What is the best vibrator on the market

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Can a vibrator give you an infection


What is the use of vibrator

How to flirt with a girl
Something that we have to take into account is that there is an infinite way of linking with a girl and that none of them is a maximum and can be defined as the perfect way to connect with a girl. This is because every woman likes a kind of things so we can not say the perfect way to bond with a woman. However, there are certain basic points of what should be done and what should not be done.
The first thing we must do to get a woman to give you her love is to win your friendship and trust. This is not easy because you should not go too direct, otherwise you will achieve the opposite effect. For this is basic, you must first know that you exist. It may seem obvious but many guys are too shy and do not notice. However, we advise you to be yourself. Do not pretend to be someone else since you can realize it quickly.

The first thing is to win the friendship and confidence of that person.
First steps It is very important not to hurry. In the topic of flirting you should not be in a hurry, moreover, many people defend that it is the best of a relationship, those initial moments. So enjoy this flirt and see little by little. You must start talking to her, that she realizes that you are interested in her, that you care and that you are pending. That's something that a woman loves. Also you should look for deep topics with which you can talk to her, do not stay in the superficial. It is important for that friendship that you have to forge first that you know about her life and that she knows about yours. Do not be afraid to open up.
The compliments are good friends but they can be treacherous. They do not always come well, you should be careful with the type of compliments and compliments that you say, some are macho or are late. For that reason it is better to make compliments but not so direct, that she notices them but that they are subtle. Flirting is very important, unlike men women like to know when someone likes it. What's more, sometimes you may even like a man for the simple fact that you know that man likes her. That's why you should not be afraid to realize that you feel something for her and that maybe you would like to have her as a couple.
You have to be careful with the kind of compliments we make.
Be precise. It is like the compliments a possible friend but that does not become an enemy. It can be overwhelming for a woman to be too detailed and that she thought that she should give back in some way. A few gestures of love will be enough to start feeling something for you.
Beware of flirting with another in front of her. It may come out alone, that someone is interested in you, etc. But if you really like it and want to prove it, be careful with flirting with other girls. That may mean the end if she thinks you are linking with more than one. Sometimes it's better to be a bit curt with someone who ties with you rather than repent after being too close or permissive.
If you really like it and want to prove it, be careful with fooling around in front of it.
Do not forget about yourself Your image is very important, it has nothing to do with beauty but it is neat, fixed and always smelling good is basic. By the smell you can conquer a woman. Therefore do not forget this. Even so, perhaps it is better not to go overboard, a large percentage of women do not like men who are too metrosexual, at least, not to have them as a couple because they create insecurities.
It is important that you do not forget yourself. Of your life, your friends, your family, your responsibilities, etc. Women do not like dependent men but they want them to have their space since she also needs theirs. It is common in some couples who when they are together forget their lives outside of that couple and then if at some point the love ends they realize that they have lost an important friendship or even several.
Later For a girl it is important that you like her friends, so you will have to put effort into that. There may be some of those friendships that you do not like too much, but you should not question it. Not in the first moments at least, if you are a couple maybe you can do it later. When you meet people who are important to them put the maximum effort to have a good relationship. You will have a lot of livestock if your friends and family like them since they also influence the decisions that she makes.
Let us know how to listen and be attentive with us we like all women.
Knowing how to listen is something basic that all women appreciate in a man. They need someone next to them to give them friendship, love and to understand them and all that is demonstrated by knowing how to listen to them when they need it. Also important to make her laugh. It is also a quality that all girls like in a man. They want someone to encourage them, not to depress them. It is also important to know how to support her in difficult times, although you also have to impose your ideas and tell her what you think. Do not be afraid to take the opposite. Nor do women like men who dance water all the time. You must have your own voice and decide.
Finally if it gives you the opportunity to have an appointment you should plan everything well and make it the perfect date. Sometimes you can play and improvise, however there are chances that it will go wrong. Look for alternative plans to do with it, leave aside what everyone does. Also try to woo her during all that time, it is important that she feels very comfortable so she wants to go out with you again. If you do not see the opportunity to launch the first day do not do it, as we have said being patient is very important. And do not forget her when you're away. Thanks to the new technologies you can be connected all day, worry about your days and although you may not like the messages through social networks, they are important to show that you remember her.

Where to place vibrator

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