Top Blackjack Etiquettes


Blackjack is one of the games that can bring down the house edge like no other. If you get more independent with the game, it can get interesting over time and reward you with better odds. Conventional gamblers do not generally get into a game of blackjack as soon as they get in. Blackjack requires prior knowledge about the game and is not sit and bet games like slot machines. That is why every player who wants to play blackjack needs to learn about the game in advance. Apart from the basic rules and strategies of the game, here are some etiquettes that every player needs to know.

Wait to start playing

Every blackjack game is monitored for all the transactions made. If you want to join a table, you must first wait for the previous game to end. The dealer will then ask you to put your money on the table so their cameras can capture it for counting. The dealer will also count the money manually and exchange it with equivalent chips.

Do not hold your cards


Do not touch your cards if they are face up. Poker requires players to hold the cards as they are distributed face down and need to be picked. When you are playing blackjack, you are dealt face-up cards, which everyone can see. If you are playing a blackjack game where the cards are pitched face down, you should use only one hand to touch the cards. It will prevent tampering suspicions and switching of cards.

Do not pull your cards away

Always keep the cards placed on the table and do not try to remove them from the dealer’s vision. Your cards should also be in full view of security cameras. Do not try to take them away by keeping them on your lap or covering them entirely with your palm.


Avoid touching your chips in-game

When you place the bet on the table, and the dealer says “no more bets” or something, you are not allowed to touch the chips anymore. When you win or tie a hand, you are free to collect your chips or place the next bet directly. In case you lose, avoid touching your chips and let the dealer swipe the table. It also prevents cheaters from changing their bets when the cards are being dealt.

Signal your decision


For security camera reasons, you must use hand signals to tell your dealer if you want to hit or stand. Casino staff needs to see you make a signal. You can learn the signals by asking the dealer directly if you do not know the game. A “hit” is the “come here” sign, “fold” is a palm down wave over the cards, and “split” is placing the required number of chips next to your original bet. The dealer will understand all these signals and will take care of the game.

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